Analysis of Morphological Parameters of Dental System with Gnathic form of Malocclusion Class III Using Simplyceph Software (Russia)


Mesiocclusion associated with asymmetric mandibular development is a gnathic form of mesiocclusion characterized by asymmetric deformation of the facial skeleton, requiring detailed examination to perform differential diagnostics. We need to analyze lateral teleroentgenogram of the head using «Simply Ceph» software, frontal teleroentgenogram of the head, multidetector computed tomography. According to scientific data, asymmetric mandibular development is much rarer in clinical practice. Etiology of this abnormality is not determined to date. It is believed that growth zones are activated in condyloid process and mandibular angle for unknown reasons.

Aim — to determine the morphological condition of stomatognathic system on the stages of rehabilitation after complex treatment of patients with asymmetric growth of mandible.

Materials and methods. We examined 40 patients with malocclusion class III aged from 16 to 40. The examined group included patients with malocclusion class III that corresponded to the certain degree of severity of the abnormality: Grade I - joining of the first permanent molars and canines for Class II Angle, displacement value does not exceed ½ of the first permanent molar cusp. Sagittal overjet is absent; the value of anterior crossbite is minimal, moderate or deep.

Results. During the stages of rehabilitation of patients with malocclusion class III and asymmetry of the mandible it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of facial and gnathic areas of dental system, analyze the results of radiodiagnosis of sagittal, transversal and vertical skull parameters.

Conclusion. Method of subcondylar vertical osteotomy helps to normalize the morphological state of dental system. 

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Для цитирования

Kuznetsova GV, Persin LS, Kuznetsov DA, Markaryan LG, Batler MA, Novitskaya AD, Rodivilova IB. Analysis of Morphological Parameters of Dental System with Gnathic Form of Malocclusion Class III Using Simplyceph Software (Russia). Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2016(2):14-19.


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