Analysis of the Results of Laboratory Studies of Oral Fluid and Blood Serum of Patients in the Retention Period of Orthodontic Treatment


In the course of complex treatment of patients with dentomaxillofacial abnormalities, two periods are distinguished: the period of active apparatus treatment and the retention period (consolidation of the results of orthodontic treatment). Ensuring the stability of the treatment results in patients with abnormalities of occlusion and irregular position of the teeth depends on the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. There are special methods, confirming the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment (anthropometric, radiological, photometric). Analysis of the results of laboratory studies of oral fluid and blood serum of patients who are in the retention period allows evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment and the stability of results.

Aim — studying of the results of laboratory indicators of oral fluid and blood serum of patients in the retention period of orthodontic treatment.

Material and methods. The total number of examined orthodontic patients was 156. At the first stage of the study, 96 patients were examined and divided into 3 groups. At the second stage, 60 people were examined (4th group). We performed the diagnostics of gingival crevicular fluid as the most promising material in terms of diagnostic capabilities, noninvasiveness and the ease of obtaining samples, and the possibility of re-taking of biomaterial. All the patients underwent the study of biochemical and immunological parameters of blood serum, oral and gingival fluid.

Results. At the end of treatment, biochemical indices are aligned, and osteoblastic activity decreases, which indicates the completion of the active adjustment and normalization of bony tissue.

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Stepanov GV, Ayupova IO, Ulyanova LG. Analysis of the Results of Laboratory Studies of Oral Fluid and Blood Serum of Patients in the Retention Period of Orthodontic Treatment. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2016(2):29-32.


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