Tongue Cancer Surgery Evolution, new Technologies, Rehabilation and Qulity of Life


In this article we conducted an analysis of methods and results of surgical treatment of tongue cancer for the time period of 30 years. Different technologies of surgical treatment of tongue cancer, both with and without the reconstructive operation, were used during the analyzed period.

Aim — to improve the oncological and functional results of surgical treatment of the tongue squamous cell carcinoma. Within the few decades, the ideology of tongue cancer treatment has changed from simple resection to enhanced combined operation with one-stage reconstruction.

Materials and methods. The unprecedented in its positive qualities and set of benefits operation was developed, with use of skin flap from the anterior surface of the neck, including the infrahyoid muscles, at different extents of resection or complete removal of the tongue.

Conclusion. The positive functional and aesthetic results of surgical treatment of tongue cancer with high oncological reliability were obtained.

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Pismennyy IV, Arhipov VD, Pismennyy VI. Tongue Cancer Surgery Evolution, new Technologies, Rehabilationand Quality of Life. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2016(2):68-71.


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