External Radio-Frequency Denervation of Renal Arteries


Aim — study of renal arteries denervation for the surgical treatment of primary arterial hypertension.

Materials and methods. Radio-frequency ablation from the side of artery adventitia was carried out on preparations of the renal arteries.

Results. The study determined comprehensible regimes of radio-frequency ablation, not resulting in a large degradation of the renal arteries strength properties, but providing reliable denervation of these arteries. Micro-photos of the renal artery wall after carrying out radio-frequency ablation were obtained.

Conclusion. It is shown that the most comprehensible way of the renal arteries denervation is radio-frequency ablation from the side of artery adventitia.

Список литературы

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Для цитирования

Petrov ES, Volobuev AN, Khokhlunov MS, Mazilov MM. External Radio-Frequency Denervation of Renal Arteries. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2016(4):69-72.


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