Actual issues of Personnel Training on Tuberculosis Associated with HIV Infection


During the period of registration of tuberculosis associated with HIV infection in Russia (since 1999), its morbidity rate has increased 82.2 times.

Changes in pathogenesis of tuberculosis in condition of deep immunodeficiency in patients with HIV infection require improvement of approaches to the training of medical workers who provide anti-tuberculosis care.

Aim — improving approaches to personnel training on TB care for people with HIV infection.

Methods. Accounting forms 263y-TB "Personal records of patients with TB comorbid with HIV infection" (65,000 records) and reporting forms of Rosstat No. 61 "Data on the population of patients with HIV infection" were analyzed for the period of their validity in the Russian Federation. The study included statistical analysis of the general totality using a computer database, revision of individual records and interview with patients.

Conclusions. In order to improve the training of personnel on the issues of TB care in HIV infected patients, it is essential to bring the textbooks and regulatory documents in line with the current medical knowledge.

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Frolova OP, Polesskiy VA, Stakhanov VA, Butylchenko OV. Actual issues of Personnel Training on Tuberculosis Associated with HIV Infection. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2017;2(6):66-70.


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