Column of the Editor

Gennadiy Kotelnikov — editor-in-chief of the journal «Science and innovations in medicine», rector of Samara State Medical University, academician of  Russian Academy of  Sciences, recipient of the State Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, professor


Dear colleagues!

This issue of the journal is devoted mainly to the medical and social aspects of tuberculosis and to the questions of pulmonology.

The choice of the subject is not accidental, since respiratory diseases in general and pulmonary tuberculosis in particular currently remain one of the most serious problems of public health service due to their high morbidity rate among the population, social and economic importance, and medical provision.

The articles presented by the scientists of Samara State Medical University along with other medical schools provide insight into the accumulated experience in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, organization of medical care for patients with tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

I hope that medical professionals of the correspondent specialities will find the contents of this issue interesting and useful.

Kotelnikov GP


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