Analysis of Surgical Treatment of Subcutaneous Ruptures of Achilles Tendon (Literature Review)


In our opinion, the treatment of patients with subcutaneous ruptures of the Achilles tendon is poorly covered in special literature, and in many cases the information is biased. These preconditions are the cause of the lack of awareness of surgeons, traumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists about the real complexity of treatment of this category of patients.

In this context, this paper focuses on the literature review of recent works on surgical treatment of patients with subcutaneous Achilles tendon rupture, summarizing the data of foreign and Russian researchers.

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Для цитирования

Kim YuD, Chernov AP, Ardatov SV, Shitikov DS, Bardovskaya YuI. Analysis of Surgical Treatment of Subcutaneous Ruptures of Achilles Tendon (Literature Review). Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2017;3(7):69-72.


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