Diagnostics of Non-Inflammatory Perilymphatic Fistulas of Labyrinthine Windows


Aim —1. To remind of the difficulty of diagnosis of non-inflammatory perilymphatic fistulas of labyrinthine windows and to allocate the most significant audiometric tests for the differential diagnosis of perilymphatic fistulas of labyrinthine windows (PFOLW).2. To emphasize the absence of accurate data on the prevalence of this pathology up to date.

Materials and methods. The methods of audiological testing used in 32 intraoperatively verified cases of PFOLW are listed and discussed. Clinical examples from own practice are given.

Results. After analyzing the informativeness of the audio tests, the routing of the audiological examination of patients with PFOLW was determined.


1. The sequence of the tests used in the examination of patients suspected of PFOLW, the identification of which is difficult due to the absence of characteristic symptoms (including audiometric ones), is justified.

2. The expediency of a broader use of surgical treatment in cases of deafness of unknown origin is confirmed.

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Kozarenko MA. Diagnostics of Non-Inflammatory Perilymphatic Fistulas of Labyrinthine Windows. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2018;1(9):5558.


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