Column of the Editor

Gennadiy Kotelnikov — editor-in-chief of the journal «Science and innovations in medicine», rector of Samara State Medical University, academician of  Russian Academy of  Sciences, recipient of the State Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, professor


Dear colleagues!

The necessity of essentially new up-to-date technologies of knowledge gaining and practical skills in medicine is increasing every year. Modern medical university nowadays must not only be abreast of perspective trends in this field but also take an active part in the development of high-technology products.

On the eve of the 100th anniversary Samara State Medical University established such innovational departments as the Center of challenge investigations and the Institute of innovative technologies, it developed successfully simulation and additive technologies, the technologies of additional reality, the results of which are already realized in the work practice not only in Russia but also in foreign countries.

High competitive ability of innovative products developed in Samara State Medical University, our methods of modernization of educational technologies are the subject of unfailing interest on the federal level. The evidence of that is the recent visit of the deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation Golodets OY, Presidential Envoy to Federal districts of Russia Babich MV, vice minister of health service of the Russian Federation Yakovleva TV, Khorova NA, vice minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Potekhina IP.

The federal experts remarked that Samara State Medical University ranks among the universities that not only form the unique innovational specialization of the certain region but also among those who determine the direction of the development of the medical field in the whole.

I am sure that our cooperative efforts with other Russian universities in the field of science and innovations will allow us to perform successfully strategic governmental aims contained in the May’s Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Putin VV.

Kotelnikov GP


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