The Development of Ultrasound Method of the Study of the Inferior Alveolar Arteries


Аim — vthe development of ultrasound method of the study of inferior alveolar arteries and their normal data of blood circulation.

Material and methods. In 20 men the apparatus «Vivid E9» the study of the bipolar bloodstream in the inferior alveolar arteries was performed.

Results. In the study of the facial arteries the following results were obtained: PS —55,7±0,9 cm/s, ED —10,15±0,3 cm/s, TAMX – 52,0±1,1 cm/s, PI - 1,32±0,06, RI – 0,77±0,03, PS/ED —2,30±0,1, HR – 35,36±1,9 bpm. In the study of the inferior alveolar arteries the following results were determined: PS bloodstream 57,96±0,7 cm/s; ED bloodstream 5,47±0,1 cm/s; TAMX 17,22±0,5 cm/s; PI 3,05±0,1; RI 0,91±0,05; PS/ ED 10,60±0,2; HR 69,48±0,4bрм.

Conclusion. The methodology of ultrasound study ofthe inferior alveolar arteries and bloodstream parameters in them was developed.

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Для цитирования

Bakhteeva GR, Lepilin AV, Erokina NL, Savelieva SS, Chibrikova LM. The Development of Ultrasound Method of the Study of the Inferior Alveolar ArteriesScience & Innovations in Medicine. 2018;2(10):66—68.


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