The Results of Cytoreductive Operations in Patients with Colorectal Cancer with Simultaneous Liver Polymetastases


Aim — to improve the long-term results of cytoreductive treatment of patients with simultaneousmultiple bilobar liver metastases of colorectal cancer by the use of RFTA.

Material and methods.The study presents the results of treatment of 168 patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer of stage IV with simultaneous bilobar metastases in the liver. In the main group, cytoreductive tumor removal was accompanied by radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFTA) of metastatic formations. In the control group only the primary tumor was removed.

Results. The use of RFTA during cytoreductive surgery does not worsen the immediate results of surgical treatment, in comparison with patients, where the effect on liver metastases has not been performed, but allows to increase medians of uneventful and overall survival from 9 and 22 months to 17 and 29 months, respectively.

Conclusions.The use of RFTA for simultaneous multiple bilobar metastases in the liver during cytoreductive surgery makes it possible to achieve 22.7% of the three-year uneventfulness and 4.3% of the five-year overall survival.

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Kozlov SV, Kaganov OI, Orlov AE, Kozlov AM. The Results of Cytoreductive Operations in Patients with Colorectal Cancer with Simultaneous Liver PolymetastasesScience & Innovations in Medicine. 2018;2(10):5459.


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