Morphometric Differential Diagnosis of Intestinal Tuberculosis and Crohn's Disease


Intestinal tuberculosis and Crohn’s disease are chronic granulomatous disorders that are difficult to differentiate histologically.

Aim — to describe the case of erroneous establishment of Crohn's disease in a patient with intestinal tuberculosis by the results of pathomorphological examination of biopsy specimens of the colon. The absence of anti-tuberculosis therapy led to the progression of the tuberculosis process with the development of tuberculosis of the larynx, lungs and ileum, followed by disability of the patient.

Conclusion. The given observation shows the necessity of introduction in the practice of clinical morphologist the morphometric methods of study of endoscopic biopsy specimens, allowing to differentiate between intestinal tuberculosis and Crohn's disease.

Conflicts of Interest: nothing to declare.

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Fedorina TA, Nedugov GV. Morphometric Differential Diagnosis of Intestinal Tuberculosis and Crohn's Disease. Science & Innovations in Medicine. 2018;3(11):5760.


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