Regulation of the Excretory Function of the Kidneys by Means of Adenosinergical Agents


Aim — study of the effect of agonist and antagonists of adenosine receptors on the excretory function of the kidneys.

Materials and methods. The experiments were carried out on white outbread rats. Experimental animals were injected subcutaneously with a pharmacological agent (natrii adenosinetriphosphate, natrii coffeinum-benzoate, euphyllinum, pentoxifylline), control - a similar volume of isotonic sodium chloride solution. All animals received an intra-gastric water load of 3% of body weight. The animals were placed in the exchange cells. The portions of urine (4 h and 24 h) were collected. In each sample, the volume, concentration of sodium, potassium and creatinine was determined.

Results. A diuretical dose for pentoxifylline 0.7 mg/kg was established. The drug in this dose stimulated the excretory function of the kidneys by increasing the glomerular filtration and inhibiting tubular reabsorption. Consequently, pentoxifylline has a dual mechanism of diuretic action —tubular (similar to the action of furosemide at a threshold dose of 1 mg/kg) and an additional glomerular component.

Conclusion. The search for diuretics among adenosine receptor blockers is promising, especially in the line of new selective adenosinergic drugs.

Conflicts of Interest: nothing to declare.

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Zaitceva EN, Dubishchev AV, Bazitova AA. Regulation of the Excretory Function of the Kidneys by Means of Adenosinergical AgentsScience & Innovations in Medicine.2018;3(11):6163.


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