Column of the Editor

Gennadiy Kotelnikov — editor-in-chief of the journal «Science and innovations in medicine», rector of Samara State Medical University, academician of  Russian Academy of  Sciences, recipient of the State Prize and the Prize of the Russian Federation Government, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, professor


Dear colleagues!

In 2018 Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin celebrated its 110th anniversary. Nowadays it is one of the largest medical centers in Samara region and Volga Federal District. Vladimir Seredavin was an outstanding surgeon and public health administrator, the founder of this unique institution and its chief for more than 25 years.

The multiple specialisaton is the hospital's distinguishing characteristic: 70 in total. The stuff of the hospital includes 875 doctors, among which there are 5 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, 3 Honored Health Care Workers and 43 Excellent Worker of Public Health of the Russian Federation, 6 PhDs in Medicine, 77 Candidates of Sciences in Medicine.

The institution is the base for 16 Chairs of Samara State Medical University. Practically all post-graduate training takes place in this hospital, and many doctors are both clinicians and teachers.

In this issue of the journal we present the leading research achievements of specialists of the Samara Regional Clinical Hospital named after V.D. Seredavin and the Samara State Medical University.

I am strongly convinced that effective cooperation of science and practice is the cradle of future innovative projects. 

Kotelnikov GP


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