Evaluation and Characteristics of Population Ageing


Objectives – to make an assessment of the actual situation in the population ageing process and to define its tendency. 

Material and methods. The classification characteristics are defined based on the calculation on the elderly people ratio to the total number of people. The structure of the international ranking is presented. The modern approach such as a prospective age was the basis of the ageing evaluation. The point of analysis was the ageing tendency in the Samara region population in the 20th century, observing its range and structure marks, the degree according to the ageing index.

Results.The prognostic ageing values of the 2010 year for the period till 2031were corrected. The escalation of the eldest population group in the nearest future was decisively proved. The further interdisciplinary problem management was stated to be focused on, as the elderly people are crucially dependent on the just-in-time and full-range healthcare services supported by the social adaptation.

Conflict of Interest: nothing to disclose.

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Sirotko ML. Evaluation and Characteristics of Population AgeingScience & Innovations in Medicine. 2018;4(12):6872.


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