Features of local pulmonary hemostasis in patients who received surgical treatment for benign peripheral lung tumors


Objectives – to develop a method for prevention of thromboembolic events in small branches of pulmonary artery in post-operative period, based on features of local pulmonary hemostasis in patients who underwent lung surgery for benign tumors. 

Material and methods. 30 male patients aged 62 ± 2.4 years old were included in the study. All patients underwent lung surgery (mainly lobectomy). Blood was drawn intra-operationally from a. pulmonale (arriving venous blood), v. pulmonale (outflowing blood) and cubital vein. The following parameters of coagulative and thrombocytic-vascular hemostasis were examined: free endogenous heparin was evaluated by protamine titration, platelet count and platelet aggregative properties were registered, using hematology analyzer, activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), quantitative analysis of fibrinogen and protein C was performed using CoaLAB 1000 analyzer. 

Results. Study of hemostasis features in patients, who underwent lung surgery, has revealed an imbalance of coagulation and anticoagulation systems, which manifested itself as dysfunctions in thrombocytic-vascular hemostasis (increase in platelets aggregative properties, most notable in peripheral venous blood), plasma hemostasis (decrease in aPTT, most notable in arterial blood, and increased fibrinogen level) and anticoagulation (modestly decreased protein C and heparin levels in peripheral blood), which is characteristic of hypercoagulation, being the possible basis for development of thromboembolic complications in post-operative period. These changes are most typical for blood taken from cubital vein, which is indicative of increased possibility of clot formation specifically in systemic circulation, which is indicative of increased possibility of clot formation specifically in systemic circulation. The least risk of clot formation was established in pulmonary vein blood (outflowing blood).  Moderate correlation between free heparin level in arterial blood and venous blood was established.  

Conclusion. The derived results have allowed us to develop an individual management plan for patients with increased risk of thromboembolic events, which includes early administration of anticoagulant agents in prophylactic doses.  

Conflict of Interest: nothing to disclose.

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Bogorodskiy AYu, Kuligin AV, Fisun AM. Features of local pulmonary hemostasis in patients who received surgical treatment for benign peripheral lung tumorsScience & Innovations in Medicine. 2019;4(4):63-67. doi: 10.35693/2500-1388-2019-4-4-63-67


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