Medical and sociological characteristics of planned hospitalization


Objectives – to study the patients' opinions on the organization of planned admission to the city multidisciplinary hospital.   

Materials and methods. An anonymous survey of 320 inpatients hospitalized on the scheduled basis to Samara City Hospital No. 1 was carried out according to a specially developed program. Statistical, analytical and sociological research methods were used in data collection and processing.

Results. The vast majority of patients (96.0%) expected the inpatient care for two weeks. On average, 55–60% of respondents were fully informed and 25–30% were partially informed about various aspects of their state of health at different stages of planned hospitalization. 

Conclusion. The majority of patients (76.3%) were completely satisfied with the inpatient treatment, 21.8% were partially satisfied and less than 2% were not satisfied with the treatment. From the point of view of the respondents, the important parameters of the provision of inpatient care were: staff qualification, anesthesia, absence of complications, recovery, diagnosis accuracy, etc.   

Conflict of interest: nothing to disclose.

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Для цитирования

Suslin SA, Vavilov AV, Ginnyatulina RI, Pavlov VV, Timyashev PV. Medical and sociological characteristics of planned hospitalizationScience & Innovations in Medicine. 2020;5(2):119-123doi: 10.35693/2500-1388-2020-5-2-119-123


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