Author Guidelines

General guidelines

1. The paper is submitted in electronic form.

2. Font Times New Roman, 14 pt. Line spacing 1.5; all margins are 2 cm.

3. Automatic hyphenation and automatic numbering are not allowed.

4. Illustrations are included in the file with the text of the paper and duplicated in separate files.

5. The text of the paper should be clearly structured (introduction, methods, discussion, conclusion, etc.).

Title page

1. UDC.

2. The title of the paper in Russian and in English.

3. Surnames and initials of the authors in Russian and in English.

4. Authors’ affiliation in Russian and in English. If the authors work in different institutions, reference numbers of the authors’ affiliations should be given.


1. The original articles require a structured summary in Russian and in English. It should include the following headings: aim, materials and methods, results, conclusion. The volume of the summary is 200–250 words.

2. The review articles require an unstructured abstract in Russian and in English. The volume of the abstract is 150 words.

3. «Keywords» (5–6 words) in Russian and in English.

Information about authors

Сведения об авторах

Information about authors

Иванова О.В. — д.м.н., доцент, профессор кафедры общей гигиены СамГМУ.


Ivanova OV — PhD, associate professor, professor of the Department of preventive medicine of Samara State Medical University.


Contact information

Контактная информация

Contact information

Петров Иван Иванович

Адрес: кв. 20, ул. Чапаевская, 80, г. Самара, Россия, 443099.


Тел.: + 7 (846) 333 25 42.

Petrov Ivan Ivanovich

Address: ap. 20, 80 Chapaevskaya st., Samara, Russia, 443099.


Phone: + 7 (846) 333 225 42.

Degree of authors’ involvement

Involvement of the authors

Concept and design of the study: Petrov VN

Collection and processing of materials: Sidorov KM

Writing: Sergeev ND

Editing: Likhachjova IK

No conflict of interest


1. The list of references is given in the order of citation (references in the text).

2. The references in the text are presented as [2]. In case of repeated citation, the references are given in ascending order: [2, 8, 11].

3. References to extended abstracts of dissertations and other abstracts are not allowed.

4. The list of references is given in the form of a table:




Белая Ж.Е. Роль градиента пролактина и АКТГ для дифференциальной диагностики АКТГ-зависимого гиперкортицизма. Проблемы эндокринологии. 2013;59(4):3-10. doi:10.14341/probl20135943-10

Belaia ZE. The role of prolactin gradient and normalized ACTH for differential diagnostics of ACTH-dependent hypercorticism. Problemy endokrinologii. 2013;59(4):3-10. (In Russ.). doi:10.14341/probl20135943-10

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